Single Opportunity

Account Manager/Sales Representative

Sales Representative/Account Manager Basic Purpose and Objective Responsible for the selling activities of the Division products to specifically assigned accounts. Sales Representatives are specifically required to primarily direct their selling efforts at the engineering level of the automotive accounts assigned. Regular contacts are also to be maintained in customer quality control, production control, and engineering laboratory departments. Through verbal or written reports, Sales Representatives are required to inform their respective Account Executives of their day-to-day sales activities as well as present and future programs. Specific Duties & Responsibilities · Responsible for planning, sales calls, and calling on specifically assigned accounts. · Under the direction and in cooperation with the Account Executive, prepares required sales forecasts relative to the accounts assigned. · Reports to the Account Executive all actual or future potential obstacles that may inhibit achievement of assigned goals and objectives. · Responsible for feeding back to the Company, by way of Account Executive and/or the Director of Sales, all information pertinent to market forces affecting customer attitudes and behavior. Relative to information feedback, Sales Representatives are responsible for the continuing observation and analysis, whenever possible, of all competitive behavior, i.e. competitor’s management changes in pricing strategies, financial conditions, etc. · Incumbent Sales Representatives have the specific duty and responsibility to professionally represent the Company, at that segment of customer activity to which assigned. It should further be understood by incumbents in this position that the primary responsibility of this position is for day-to-day contact with assigned accounts. Education Required College degree, either a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science is required. Equivalent of fifteen (15) years experience in the position may be considered. Attendance at various seminars on a time-to-time basis relative to sales and marketing may be required. Experience Required The individual must be exposed to the intents and procedures of the specific customer involved and he must fully understand the detailed operation of the customer’s business processes. Sales Representatives are directly responsible to their respective Account Executive for this training and exposure. The above experience may also be a part of the incumbent’s background if the Sales Representative is hired from a customer’s or competitor’s organization. It is vitally essential that Sales Representatives be fully acquainted with the systems, procedures, etc., and the people with whom he deals at the respectively assigned accounts.