Sterling Professional Search

A company driven by and dedicated to excellence and inspired by the unending need for high quality professional people. Whether you are a candidate in search of that opportunity to take your career to the next level, or a company executive seeking individuals that will make your job easier and help your career, we are here to help.

Our Mission

To secure and maintain a solid customer base by making a positive contribution to every person with whom we come in contact. In doing so, we will increase the quality of life and personal growth of everyone we serve.

Our Leadership

Fred Melin, President, CEO

27 years Tier I automotive recruiting experience. Fred comes from a successful background in sales, distribution, manufacturing and recruiting. He started his business ownership in 1975 when he founded a successful distributorship of capital equipment in the heart of southeast Michigan’s industrial community. In 1983 he started another company manufacturing capital equipment. Sense the sale of his business in 1989 Fred has built a solid reputation, based on responsible and ethical principles and a sincere desire to increase the quality of life for every person with whom he comes in contact.

His customers include any company supplying parts or services to the automotive industry worldwide.

Fred’s specialty’s are: Metal Stamping, Tool & Die, Machining, Plastics to include Interior Trim, Paint and any other Tier I or Tier II auto parts manufacturer.